Hosted Virtual Server / Virtual Server Outsourcing

Are you considering buying a new file server for your office? Instead of investing in noisy server hardware that eats up office space and rus too hot during the summer, why not rent an externally hosted virtual server from GEOTEK? This solution has several advantages:

  • No fixed capital, you only pay a low monthly rate.
  • No noisy hardware sitting around in your office.
  • Eliminate the need for a server closet and an associated administrator workplace.
  • Eliminate the cost, risk and maintenance expenses associated with IT air conditioning.
  • Immediate server replacement in case of hardware failure at no extra cost.
  • Fully automated Online Server Backup, so there is no need to change backup tapes any more.
  • Data centre grade protection against power outages (battery backup and diesel generator).
  • Optimal protection against theft, vandalism, lightning, fire, water damage and the like.
  • For some decentralized workgroups this solution may even obviate the need for a central office.
  • Optimal availability due to air-conditioned and dust free data centre environment.
  • Lower IT management cost because applications need no longer be installed on each PC.
  • Rock stable VMWare technology allows for easy portability of software images.
  • Continue to use older PCs because applications actually run on the server.
  • Includes an extremely fast internet connection (100 Mbit) with unlimited traffic at no extra cost.

GEOTEK's HVS Server product has won the German Innovations Price ITK in the IT oursourcing category. The virtual HVS infrastructure will be totally transparent to your users. In fact, they will hardly notice any difference from working locally on their PCs. In addition, there is no IT expertise at all needed on your part for setting up this Hosted Virtual Server environment. The only thing you need to do is provide appropriate internet access through a provider of your choice - everything else will be set up by us remotely. We also offer service contracts at fixed prices that guarantee enterprise grade availability of your IT environment.

If you want to replace your existing server, we can also help to migrate the data, including Microsoft Exchange and Groupwise email accounts or SQL databases.

The award winning GEOTEK Virtual Server technology is available in three different forms: as Hosted Virtual Server for end users including maintenance support contracts down to each PC, as Hosted VMware Server for administrators or OEMs, where you are responsible for guest OS administration, or as Hosted Terminal Server, where you rent your Microsoft Office, Exchange and Terminal Server licenses on a monthly basis from us (Microsoft SPLA licensing). Additional technical information may be found in our Hosted Virtual Server FAQ.

For additional details please feel free to contact us directly. We will be glad to discuss all aspects of this innovative solution and make you a competitive offer.