Hosting and IT Outsourcing

We specialize in managed and custom hosting solutions. Our Hosted Virtual Server (HVS) line allows the complete replacement of standard Windows file servers, database and application servers with a rented solution that is located in a protected and secure data center. Except for large companies or special circumstances, it is much more economical and secure to rent external servers than to buy hardware and maintain it at dedicated premises.  Details...

Our Online Internet Backup takes IT outsourcing one step further. You may use this service to back up your important notebook data from anywhere, as well as your complete file server, Exchange- or SQL-Server.

We also offer standard web hosting to people who hate using expensive call center helplines. If your time is money, it pays to be able to talk to a real technician who knows what you are talking about.

Buying domains is cheap and easy, but managing a bunch of them from different companies with different web interfaces and DNS policies can become really time-consuming. Often it makes sense to rent webspace from different hosting companies, and occasionally, it is impractical to consolidate everything at a single provider. But it makes sense to at least consolidate all domains, under GEOTEK's management.