Products - Overview

Our customers expect a one-stop service. As an independent supplier, we can deliver software and hardware products from most leading IT manufacturers. For customers with a well-designed IT infrastructure, this allows choosing GEOTEK as their new IT support partner without the need to give up homogeneity.

Here are some products and manufacturers that we found especially valuable:


Firewall software that combines security, performance, quality, and usability perfectly. The latter in particular is not a matter of course in the open-source area. We know almost all commercial firewall brands available on the market and this firewall software - used on a suitable platform - is in our opinion at least equal to, if not superior, to any other commercial firewall, at least in general SME use. The chosen hardware naturally plays an important role. We offer optimized hardware firewalls with a hardware maintenance contract and advance exchange for small, medium and large companies.


The US manufacturer VMware is the market leader in virtualization solutions with its vSphere / ESXi platform. Practically, all leading servers are certified for the use of vSphere / ESXi, all guest operating systems are supported and there is a large selection of backup, replication and additional software on the market.

Nakivo Backup & Replication

NAKIVO provides a fast, reliable, and affordable backup and replication solution for VMware vSphere / ESXi servers. With their backup product, NAKIVO became one of the world's fastest growing software companies in the US. More...

Icinga Network Monitoring

One of the best Network Monitoring and Alerting Platforms around. We are monitoring the hosts and services of our customers with this software, and are also contributing to the Icinga2 Open-Source community. More...