IT Service / IT Support Berlin

We offer the complete range of IT support needed by small and medium size companies, including consulting, support and helpdesk services. We can also carry out hardware maintenance, provide cabling infrastructures of any size and deliver and install professional IT hardware.

GEOTEK has expertise in working with international companies in setting up and maintaining branch offices in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany and offers English language support.

On-site Support of your Berlin Office

If your company already runs a number of branch offices, chances are that they can be quite successfully administered remotely by your central IT department. But there will be things that must be done by a local technician, such as first-time installation of new hardware, solving router and internet access problems, managing IT cabling or offering user support during times when local business hours and IT support hours don't overlap. By outsourcing these selected tasks to GEOTEK, you can save money by reducing travel expenses and increase support availability by having a local IT partner that understands the need of tight central IT management.

IT Support Contracts

Depending on your needs, GEOTEK offers a number of targeted service contracts:

  • Reaction Time IT Service Contract
    For a small monthly fee, we will guarantee a maximum reaction time if you need our help. Other than that, there is no obligation on your side. With this contract, you are eligible for reduced hourly rates. This is for organizations that want to manage their IT by themselves but require fast external help in case of emergency, vacation replacement or on peak demand. You may choose to have 24·7 network monitoring of your critical IT systems.
  • Contingent IT Service Contract
    These contracts are based on an agreed minimum amount of effort required to keep your network in a well-maintained condition and to perform usual administration tasks. At the end of the month, you will receive a statement of the work actually performed with a detailed activity report. In exchange for the annual sales guarantee, you receive a legally binding response time guarantee and a reduced hourly price for all maintenance and support work. This form of maintenance is the right one if you need ongoing support and care and want to protect yourself in the event of an emergency, but do not want to have any further costs apart from the work actually performed. This is the most popular contract. 24·7 network monitoring is included.
  • Lump Sum IT Service Contract
    You pay a fixed monthly fee that covers everything from routine maintenance, management, administration and emergency tasks. This fee depends on the number of servers, computers, and routers in your organization, and it is adapting monthly to the size of your organization. With this contract, you are eligible for reduced hourly rates. This is the right contract if predictability of cost is of high importance. 24·7 network monitoring is included.
  • Hardware Service Contract
    This contract will guarantee a maximum time to either repair or replace your faulty IT hardware. Offered for selected makes and models only.

You may also get ad-hoc IT support from GEOTEK without a support contract. In this case, we'll solve your problems at standard labor rates and as soon as possible, but without a guarantied reaction time.

Virtual Offices

Placing file servers in each remote location is quite common, but it may not be the most cost-effective solution. By renting a Hosted Virtual Server (HVS) from GEOTEK that is located in a professional data center in Germany or the USA, you still have the flexibility of a dedicated server, but management and remote access for mobile workers is much easier. -  More information...